The Deadly Chain of HIV/Aids

In 2011, there are 2755 cases of HIV and AIDS were reported, said Medan City Health Department. Transmission through unsafe sex and sharing needles that are not sterile (Injection Drug Users) are the two highest factor in the spreading of HIV/AIDS.

Against Drugs, HIV/AIDS and Stigma

Against Drugs, HIV/AIDS and Stigma
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INDONESIA, MEDAN : In this photograph taken on October 25, 2011 a volunteer at the Cordia-Caritas Medan disposes a used syringe of heroin drug users at their center in Medan city in Sumatra island. Cordia-Caritas a non-government organization, focus rehabilitation efforts on heroin drug users thru their needle exchange and recovery program in Medan as part of its anti-HIV/AIDS campaign in Indonesia where the highest rate of HIV/AIDS infection comes from injecting drug users. The latest National AIDS Commission report estimated that there were 227,700 people living with HIV/AIDS in Indonesia in 2007, a figure it said would double to 501,400 by 2014 making the AIDS epidemic in the country one of the fastest growing in Asia. AFP PHOTO / SUTANTA ADITYA

HIV/Aids prevalence from I.D.U has decreased from 46% in 2007 to 39 percents in Medan on 2011. The decrease was dependent of the availability and convenience of access to the legal aspects of sterile needles access.a

Although, HIV/AIDS prevalence of I.D.U showed reduced but still high risk of infection. While they are on range of 39 percents. The transmission occured among and between I.D.U to their sexual partner. “During 2011 recorded 69 housewives in Medan.

The prevention of HIV/AIDS from sexual and injection drug remains a priority issue,” said Galatea Foundation representatives, Boy Suhendra. Efforts raise awareness of treatment, especially for HIV/AIDS positive I.D.U before the terminal phase is also very important.

Under these circumstances Galatea Foundation will empower couples I.D.U and I.D.U through harm reduction program (harm reduction) in Medan city of Indonesia said Boy.


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