Save Forest, Save Our World

Catastrophic events haze from forest fires in Riau Province, Indonesia was not only impact the loss of the forests of Sumatra. But the shift also affects the way of life of indigenous tribes in the child or the ‘Jungle’ in the forests of Sumatra, one of which Jambi, Indonesia.

Sumatran forest area is now converted into plantations eliminate the source of life for the ‘People of the Jungle’. So that it causes a shift in the way of life ‘Rimba’ moderniasasi direction.

Coupled with the point of the Sumatran forest fire blow up, although the Indonesian government has reduced the artificial rain, blackouts via land, as well as the prosecution of the perpetrators of logging and forest fires. Forest fire management is also carried out by the local community by planting taro fruit in anticipation of the fire forest fire spread to the plantation.

Based on data for the period 2012-2013, a total of 252 172 hectares of natural forest are destroyed by corporations based industrial plants, compared to the previous year amounted to 188,000 hectares of deforestation. Now the rest of the natural forest of approximately 1.7 million hectares or 19 percent of the live Riau land area (8.9 million hectares).

The data show that the last three years (2009-2012), Riau loss of natural forest cover of 565,197.8 (0.5 million) hectares, with the rate of deforestation per year 188 thousand hectares, equivalent to the loss of 10,000 times per day futsal. And 73.5 percent of that destruction occurred in peat forests that should be protected.

Actually, in the year 2013 was also a record number of positive developments in Indonesia’s forestry governance. Such as conservation policy efforts by the company, which is known as one of the causes of deforestation of tropical rain forests in Indonesia. Two of the largest is in the production of pulp and paper, and palm oil.


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