The Coral Beach

The Boy SurfersThe boy surver walking on the Sorake coral beach in Nias Islands, Indonesia.


The Power of Sinabung Volcano
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INDONESIA, Karo : The top of mount Sinabung spews ash and hot lava flowing from the crater in Karo district, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia on ...
Mount Sinabung Eruption Lightning
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INDONESIA, Karo : This long exposure photograph taken before dawn on October 14, 2014 shows sparks of lightning, scorching lava flow and giant ash clo...
Indonesia Independence Day From Mount Sibayak
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Nature lovers from any organization playing the game after held the ceremonial to celebrated the Independence Day of Republic Indonesia to 69 at the...
Israel-Palestinians Conflict
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A Indonesian Muslims holding the posters to support Palestinians and collected donations for Palestina people during a rally in Medan on July 14, 2014...

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