Human and Wild Animal Conflicts

Sumatran Elephants

INDONESIA, Blang Tualang : In this photograph taken on July 28, 2013, a carcass of an endangered Sumatran elephant is seen in a palm oil plantation in Blang Tualang village in Aceh province, Sumatra. Indonesian authorities on July 29 were investigating the incident after another elephant was found dead two weeks ago in another district, as rampant expansion of palm oil, paper plantations, and mines, has destroyed nearly 70 percent of the Sumatran elephant’s forest habitat over 25 years, conservationist says.


MailOnline and Sumatran Forest Issues
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This about Sutanta Aditya visual reporting tearsheet for Indonesian environmentalism issues.
The Lost Sumatran Orangutan
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Team of veterinarians of Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) trying to help Sumatran orangutan (Pongo Abelii) who was critical in quaran...
The Power of Sinabung Volcano
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INDONESIA, Karo : The top of mount Sinabung spews ash and hot lava flowing from the crater in Karo district, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia on ...
Mount Sinabung Eruption Lightning
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Indonesia Independence Day From Mount Sibayak
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Nature lovers from any organization playing the game after held the ceremonial to celebrated the Independence Day of Republic Indonesia to 69 at the...

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