Photo Highlights of The Day


The Guardian’s picture editors bring you a selection of the best photographs from around the world, including reconstruction in Gaza, protests in Kiev and the London Film Festival


Aftermath of Indonesia’s volcanic eruptions ... Aftermath of Indonesia's volcanic eruptions – in picturesMount Sinabung, a highly active volcano on Sumatra island, erupted several times this week. A...
Pictures of the Day On The Telegraph The first time, only credit by Sutanta Aditya published as Pictures of The Day in The Telegraph.
Sutanta Aditya On Flipboard Covering Sutanta Aditya when working for Agence France-Presse (AFP) of Indonesia around the volcano disaster in Sumatra islands, Indonesia. His photojournalism...
Picture of the Day – NYT Lens Sutanta Aditya photograph published by Agence France-Presse for New York Time Lense.

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