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One Green Planet received the environmentalism issues from Sutanta Aditya contributor of Barcroft about Sumatran forest degradation on impacting with wild animal, that Sumatran orangutan in endangered.


The Infinity Lights
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 This situation coming 13 minutes before we are as journalist getting close by lava tonge of Sinabung volcano. And sure, I don't know before wher...
The Best Photo Of The Day
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Sinabung volcano during eruption in Karo, North Sumatra, Indonesia be a best photo of the day by Guardian photo editor, Sadie Gould.  ...
Sinabung Volcano Published At RBC.ru
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My works about the abandoned village were impacted by Sinabung volcano eruption published at RBC.ru from Barcroft Images.
Keep To Think’s
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The 'Tiga Brothers', Cris Toala Oliveres on duty were running by Sinabung volcano eruption report on topic in Karo, North Sumatra province, Indonesia...

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