Season I Book by Captured52


The Nature work about Sinabung volcano as part of Season I book by Captured52 project.



Every Season, we offer each of 52 extraordinary large format photographs at one size and one price. If you missed out on a photograph you liked, our archive provides the opportunity to purchase certain images at fair value appreciation. Every image that we sell through our archive, is split evenly with the photographer and at the end of this Season, our Season 2 images will go into the Archive, and these Season 1 images will no longer be available.


The Blue Flame Volcano My recent works about The 'Blue Flame' Volcano as Ijen in East Java, Indonesia.
The Intangible Culture of ‘Tulan-tulan’... Based on the data from The Centre of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation data explained, globally 800 million people living on activities wit...
Sinabung After Dormant Sutanta Aditya works published at about Sinabung volcano eruption.
About Toba Supervolcano in Cosmos Scientists studying two archaeological sites near the extreme southern point of South Africa have discovered that early humans living there appear t...
Ijen Volcano Show In Forbes About my last programme of Kawah Ijen with the molten plume blue lava as photography and geological science. SaveSave

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