The Infinity Lights

 This situation coming 13 minutes before we are as journalist getting close by lava tonge of Sinabung volcano. And sure, I don’t know before where inside the giant hot clouds was been hit two my friends. That Thomas and Jack at the different and crossing way from we are, Chaideer Mahyudin, Irwansyah and me.
 At that time three of my senses working by heart, that’s my ear, skin and eyes was received an information about the Sinabung volcano activities as geology procces growing up in the spontaneity. Where, I reporting about Agung volcano in Bali, I knew that as ‘Cakra’ taste. 
 At that’s time also, I must take care with my friend. Without many words, and I just let we are to go away from that place. In the 13 minutes up, my bad feeling happening. And I trust that’s feeling not only coming by an intuition, but also many rationality as my photography observation knowledge, also the geologycal things.

 From there all, as when I knew about the way that’s a taste of infinity. I felt the big things on my heart. And also even I standing for another the ‘ring of fire’ disasters. My focus lens always going by the exacts were connected by another knowledge. There we go, to be save.
 My understandoot was been telling about the real photography make it still a live. Not only as an known, but also about knowledge. And not only about the knowledge, but also about infinity. There I can felt the infinity (God characterist). As a symbol at my made in Japan lens with the originally CIƆ or CƆ.



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