The molten lava spews which called by ‘The Red Dragon’ as explotion of Sinabung volcano during eruption seen from Karo, North Sumatra province, Indonesia on 2017-10-14 03:39:30.003.


 Through this official website Sutanta Aditya is photographer were available for an assignment to distributed the professional visual works value and sustainable manner.  


Sutanta Aditya available in the assignment system in the form of periodic royalti programs, right management, and day rate contracts.


To starting an agreement, the both parties will using the contract letter function are for finding an cleared about the rights limits inside the distribution process of Sutanta Aditya professional works.

Sutanta Aditya Photography Contract Form

 It is important that the photographer does not indemnify the client against the consequences of the use of images photographer. No rights of any sale until the invoice is paid professional employment contract. 

 Please download attachments form of Sutanta Aditya Service Contract at link above.