When instincts awakened from a fact, be a two-dimensional visual values in the abstract meaning of the passage of time. Although sometimes, the artistic nature of the gradations of light and colour dominance has initiated a sense of ambiguity. So that the truth seek direction towards a solution as literary journalism narrative power.

 So then think to develop balance sustainable value. Where in view of the profession has been firmly advised to cooperate at the meeting point of the deal in rights and obligations. Besides the feasibility of a long process of creating photographs is the reason the visual works worthy of respect wisely.

 From that’s brilliant idea, Sutanta Aditya undergoing by support from the ONEYE Company were promoted all syndication and distribution of works.  


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 During the assignment in the system of financing per day negates said half a day. Time cited include travel to and from, and processing/delivery after work. No work should be billed less than a day. If the budget limitations of the client will be charged fees to be paid no less than 60% in a matter of compensation per day.


 Meet clients and photographers start agreement, both parties must fill in the form contract of Sutanta Aditya Photography and written agreement with client clarify expectations for the convenience and to prevent conflicts arising. Photographers in turn uses the contract to put clear limits on their rights is right in the distribution of professional and highly recommended to do so.

Download Sutanta Aditya Photography Contract Form

 It is important that the photographer does not indemnify the client against the consequences of the use of images photographer. No rights of any sale until the invoice is paid professional employment contract. Please download attachments form of Sutanta Aditya Service Contract at link above.