Multi Topic Coverage

 After spending a decade collecting the visual data as his long-term photo coverage about the Sinabung volcano prolonged eruption.  Sutanta Aditya then developed his visual data to the topic about the mega-eruption impact of the Toba super-volcano as the Toba caldera history

Hamburg Portfolio Review – Panels and Lectures

Dos and dont’s for the perfect pitch — 01:00 hour With Thomas Borberg (Politiken), Prof. Dr. Nina Röder (UE) and Bertan Selim (Prince Claus Fund) Moderation by Dagmar Seeland and Andreas Trampe   Off the beaten tracks — Creative labs and new types of photo collectives — 01:00

Hamburg Portfolio Review Exhibition

Sutanta Aditya’s photograph as the 100 selected photographers from the Hamburg Portfolio Review 2021 was seen at the Potophia Shoot Exhibition in Hamburg, Germany. [ngg src=”galleries” ids=”27″ display=”basic_slideshow”]

B&W Exhibition of Hamburg Portfolio Review

Click this photo to bridge us in the direction of the program. Directed by Prof. Nina Roeder Black and White defines two contrasting things that are opposite or closely related. When time shows straight up, or straight down, when the sun is

The Survive Apes From Toba Mega Eruption

The Survivor Apes From Super-volcano Eruption Impact

From the recent stories of my works about Sinabung volcano eruption. The tragedy is not only as sadness for me. But also time to thinking hard. And born back a new important story for me. The Key Story The Sinabung volcano eruption