Tsunami Hit Mentawai

An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter Scale struck the waves with the District of South Pagai, Mentawai Islands on October 25, 2010. Incident was not only eliminate the family and relatives but vice versa. One family was reunited after being apart for 20 years.

By Sutanta Aditya

The Tsunami reached 448 people and lost as 56 people. Then the injured are still being treated in hospital emergency carrying 173 people were seriously injured and 325 slight injuries. While 15,353 people still survive in refugee camps.

Two brothers, Basrizal (38) and Nasrul (27) finally reunited with Masrizal (33) of their relatives who lived in Munthe village, North Pagai District, one of the villages worst hit by this Tsunami in Mentawai Islands.

The meeting was due to a desire Nasrul as the youngest for searching to knowing the condition of the brother Masrizal after hearing the Tsunami devastated South and North Pagai subdistrict. Nasrul invites his brother, together Basrizal departing from Pariaman, Padang, West Sumatra province. Co-participate in the course Basrizal wife named Rostamy (28).

In the disaster conditions, there is no signal or network communication to used to determine the relative news there. The only way is immediately went though the journey is not easy.

It is known that earlier, Nasrul and Basrizal stay in Pariaman after their father re-married. While Masrizal choose to move Munthe village in North Pagai sub-district while her father remained in the village of South Pagai subdistrict, Sikakap Regency.

Before leaving, the two met with Tommy (38) which has the same mission but the goal is different. Tommy wants to find his family in the island of Siberut.

The journey begins. With spirit, one by one the foot swung toward Bungus Harbour. This harbour is the only way to Mentawai Island or other areas of Padang in West Sumatra heading to Sikakap which became the gateway to the Mentawai.

Aboard Motor Vessel Ambu Ambu by PT.Pelni, they sailed the seas with erratic weather and high waves occur along the way. Conditions that should they experience during a 12-hour trip.

On arriving at Sikakap, initially Nasrul feel lazy because certain to meet his father.

As people who live in the islands, his father lived from the sea by renting a boat. Because it is certain that he will always be in the harbor. Alleged Nasrul right. He met his father. Her irritation grew ketikasi father not willing to go to find out the condition of the second child and daughter unclear fate.

After the conversation for some time, the father finally agreed to accompany. All five Nasrul father’s boat ride to reach the village Munthe. However, bad weather makes rafting they had stopped in the village Malakopak District of South Pagai.

From there the journey continues on foot. Yes, of South Pagai they have to walk to the North Pagai. Carried out into the forest at a brisk pace to avoid dark. Outside the forest, the coast of South Pagai laced as a guide

Every now and then they have to swim across a very dalamkarena Paluh bridge broke. The crossing was made of each, including Rostamy not get any help. He should come to swim. Which had reached the level of fatigue that can not be measured anymore. Traveling for eight hours must be taken with a quick break to avoid the evening. Finally they arrived at the Munthe village.

Once there, they should endeavor to ask anyone who knows Masrizal. Emergency evacuation tents visited one by one. After some time, it appears Masrizal and his wife was in one of the tents. Fatigue is taken for eight hours to reach Munthe disappear instantly after this whole brother could look at each other.

Weeping was spilled. The sad cries of delight mingled not be stopped because of the feeling of pleasure to finally meet again despite great disaster has rocked the region. And sad to see the condition of the Masrizal suffered a broken leg and was forced to live in tents refuge with his wife and son.

Finally, Masrizal and his wife were invited to stay in Pariaman with Basrizal and Nasrul. That way they will not be separated again and can protect each other when there is a disaster.

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