The Rohingyas Seeking Heaven

The bulk of these modern-day boat people are ethnic Rohingya Muslims. In Myanmar, Rohingya Muslims are denied citizenship. Where the Buddhist-dominated claimed country, and the Rohingya dismissed as being illegal migrants from Bangladesh despite many tracing their local roots back centuries.

By Sutanta Aditya

More than 100,000 are estimated to have fled their homes in the Myanmar state, where they make up about a quarter of the population. Where 200 asylum seekers, from countries including Sri Lanka and Afghanistan as well as Myanmar, remain at the detention centre in the port town of Belawan in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia with some rooms holding large groups. They have been badly shaken by the killings.

Indonesia’s Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said he would travel to Myanmar next week to examine conditions in Rakhine state at the invitation of the Myanmar government. He told journalists he would formally announce a pledge for $1 million in humanitarian aid to the region during his stay.

A last time, Myanmar Muslim Rohingya refugees recall the horror at Indonesia’s Belawan immigration detention center in Medan city located on Sumatra island where eight Myanmar Buddhist detainees were killed by Myanmar Muslim Rohingya refugees inside the detention center on April 5, 2013.

Myanmar’s recent political has unleashed deep-seated and violent ethnic clashes that have sent waves of refugees on perilous boat journeys to seek safer shores, while forcing its neighbors and international entities to scramble to come up with a cohesive response to the crisis.


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