The Leper Isolated Land

A person with leprosy, JR Pinem, 72, swung his artificial leg across the tidal flood in peyandang leprosy settlement in Medan, Indonesia. The complexities of life imprison-paced limited number of leprosy patients.

By Sutanta Aditya

Of 211 leprosy patients, as many as 144 families living side by side in the leper settlement at the Hospital for Special leprosy village Sicanang, Medan, Indonesia. Based on the research World Health Organization (WHO) says the bacteria Mycobacterium leprae can invade a weakened immune system.

Currently, the diagnosis and treatment of leprosy is easily obtained in most major countries to fully integrate leprosy services into existing general health services. It is very important to most marginal risk with countries that have citizens with leprosy.

Easy access to information Diagnosis and Treatment of Multidrug Therapy (MDT) is a combat strategy to prevent the spread of leprosy. MDT treatment provided by WHO free to all over the world as the Leper since 1995.

According to the official report of WHO in 2011 in 130 countries globally reached 192 246 cases of leprosy patients. While the number of new cases detected during 2010 was 228 474.

But it did not happen as perceived by people with leprosy in Medan, Indonesia. Physical limitations back and bang with limited facilities and health facilities.

People with leprosy, JR Pinem explained that the limitations of medical facilities and infrastructure reflects the indifference of government discrimination against persons with leprosy.


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