About Magnets The Sumatran Orangutan Picture

 Again my pictures work’s on used for an organization, at this part SumOfUs.org is a new world-wide movement for a better global economy.

 It’s a credit about my new client SumOfUs :

  • Governments that answer to citizens – not corporations
  • Fair treatment of workers and the right of every human being to make a living, safely and ethically, for themselves and their family;
  • The right of ordinary consumers to products that are produced and marketed ethically, sustainably and transparently;
  • The right of communities to manage and protect their own environment and natural resources;
  • Business models that put people and the planet first instead of being driven by shortsighted greed.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.51.25 PM

Wish this information can make some good donation to giving back to sustainable live for Orangutan Sumatra and Borneo. And please don’t give up for many NGO in the worlds to keep screaming ‘Save Orangutan and Save World’.


Sutanta Aditya


The Independent Photojournalist


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