Xiaomi Global Photography Competition 2017 Judges

Xiaomi MIA1 Global Photo Contest 2017 Judges

Xiaomi MIA1 Global Photography Competition 2017

Event Introduction

Since 2016, dual-camera cell phones have become a focus point for major phone manufacturers, and phone photography has become the new trend. In September of this year, Mi A1’s debut not only marked a major collaboration between Xiaomi and Google, but also showcased Xiaomi’s commitment to dual-camera zoom technology. Mi A1 is equipped with a Snapdragon 8 core processor, and its well-developed optical zoom works with portrait mode to allow users to take even more stunning photos with their phones.

The Xiaomi Global Photography Competition is a photography competition organized by Xiaomi to give users a platform to share and showcase their photography masterpieces. Xiaomi hopes Mi A1 will allow users to transcend restrictions imposed on them by equipment, and take spectacular photos whenever and wherever to record their lives. This year’s Global Photography Competition features 11 categories, and requires users to use Mi A1 to take photos with a story. At the same time, Mi Fans are invited to vote for photos they like.

Lastly, the competition has invited expert judges from IPA to select the Global Top 6 entries. Xiaomi will award global winners awards totaling $65,000 USD to encourage and attract more people to experience the joys of phone photography and capturing life’s beautiful moments.

Contest Entry 

Between October 20, 2017 and December 11, 2017, all participants (except for those in Mainland China) should use Mi A1 to take photos and go on the competition website at event.mi.com/challenge2017.mia1. Click “Submit Now” to enter the upload page. Fill in necessary information as directed and upload your photo to participate in the Xiaomi Global Photography Competition.


The Xiaomi Global Photography Contest offers prizes in the following ranks: global gold, global silver, global bronze, and regional honorable mention prizes. Winners of the global gold prize can receive cash awards of up to $30,000 USD.

At the same time, to embody Xiaomi’s philosophy that “Mi Fans are friends,” there will be prize drawings in India, Russia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. All Mi Fans who have voted in the competition are eligible to win Xiaomi Mi A1 phones, Xiaomi Mi Bands, Xiaomi headphones, and other bestselling products. 

Prize Announcement

Regional honorable mentions will be announced within two days after the contest end date, and will be announced on Mi Community on December 13. Winners will be determined by the number of votes on their work. Global gold, silver, and bronze awards will be announced on December 20 on Mi.com and other Xiaomi platforms. Awardees will be determined by IPA expert judges’ votes.

At the same time, Mi Fan prize drawing results will be announced every Monday during the competition period in a winners’ roster on the competition webpage. For more details on the prize drawing, visit event.mi.com/challenge2017/mia1/rules.

About IPA

The International Photography Awards (IPA) is the sister award to the global Lucie Awards. It is held once a year to recognize achievement among professional, non-professional, and even student photographers worldwide. To date, IPA has successfully held 14 rounds of awards. IPA has a robust judging process and resources, and at the same time maintains high-level cooperation with photography media outlets and art museums worldwide.

Xiaomi is the first technology company to partner with IPA. It shares with IPA the goals of allowing more people to understand and love photography to record life’s most beautiful moments. Xiaomi and IPA’s cross-disciplinary partnership represents a triumph for both. This partnership hopes to create more nimble photography equipment and more globalized sharing platforms for Mi Fans and photography lovers alike.

Below are the eight competition judges:

Name Title City, Country
Rohit Vohra

Educator and Co-founder/ Editor in Chief of APF Magazine

Christina Force

Photo Consultant & Founder of Creative Asia Plus

New Zealand
Anna Zekria

Managing Director, Founder at SALTIMAGES

Hengki Koentjoro Fine Art Photographer and Winner of IPA 2014 Indonesia
Sutanta Aditya

Independent Photojournalist

Nina Kiseleva

Head of Russian Photo Association

Susan Baraz

IPA Head of Judges

Robert Berman

Owner of Robert Berman Gallery



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