Photogrvphy Grant 2017 Honors


The 2017 Photogrvphy Grant received 4031 submissions from which 396 were awarded with Nominee Award.

Winning series were selected by panel of international judges, including: Hugh Merrell, Jon Feinstein, Michael Pritchard, David Bram, Sarah Krueger, Aram Kim, Fosi Vegue, Barry W Hughes, Emanuele Cucuzza, Robyn Lange, Jurriaan Van Kranendonk, Christina Force, Gianpaolo Arena, John Kenney, Niccolò Fano, Daria Bonera, Steve Bisson, Rohit Vohra, Jorrit R Dijkstra, Alison Zavos and Martin Stavars.

About Winner

Indonesian photojournalist, Sutanta Aditya was born on December 07, 1984 in Tanjung Morawa city, North Sumatra province of Sumatra island’s. Sutanta starting his career since 2008 and continued as professional photographer was earning a bachelor’s degree in 2012. Until now, Sutanta still running by journalism profession also incorporated and supported by Indonesian Photojournalist Association.

 Working as an independent photographer, Sutanta Aditya covers through by photo stories were focus for social and critically issue, humanity, healths, disasters, environment, volcanoes and nature. His works was on used and published at mass media as online, newspaper also magazine around the worlds.

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About Awards

Photogrvphy Grant awards $1000 annually to the applicant with the most inspirational photographic idea to support his visual project.



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