With Photography Technical’s Let’s Be A Witness Of Evolution

Look forward to sharing what I think after reads several natural disasters tragedies and bringingback submerged fossils to unveil the veil of natural history via my testimonies.

 Starting from the evaluation, I tried to update my modulation concept to starts the news coverage program with several concepts on the theme of nature or the environment.

I scheduling, that we can complemented each other about the important and interesting things around the Nature theme in the following events:


Hello friends!
Club of Activists and Nature Observers (KAPPA) FIKOM UNPAD
presents “Mini Journey Webinar: Photojournalism In Nature”

The mother nature photojournalism is an important activity for outdoor activists. Free nature photojournalism contains information about the phenomena currently occurring on the journey of nature activists. Both in written works and visual works.

This webinar will explore journalism in nature. Resource persons will share experiences and knowledge about challenges in outdoor journalism.

Wow, it must be really exciting, huh! Instead of being curious to register directly on the link below, yes!

The webinar will be held on:
🗓: Saturday, November 28, 2020
⏰: 12.30-15.10 WIB.
💻: Zoom

📋Register here: bit.ly/WebinarMiniJourney

📖Science & Experience

Griselda (WA / LINE): 081383310676 / zgms_

Further information :

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