The Red Dragon Legend


Approximately 800 million people living and on activities within 100 kilometres (62 miles) as a danger zone of 1,508 active volcanoes spread across 86 countries as long as the ring of fire around the world.

One of them is Indonesia which have more 130 active volcanoes with an estimated 5 million people currently active in the danger zone affected by active volcanic eruptions. One of them is the Sinabung volcano in Karo, North Sumatra province, Indonesia, which has continued to erupt until now. The researchers stated that Sinabung had been asleep for 400 years before erupting again in August 2010.

Noted, as many as 28 people died as a result of shock (panic), as well as being hit by a giant hot cloud from the ruins of houses from the destroyed settlements can be seen after the giant hot clouds that swept the Gamber village area, which is still inhabited by a number of residents. As many as nine people died in the unexpected incident.e eruption of the Sinabung volcano in the series of eruptive events in 2010, 2014 and 2016, including the eruption on August 10, 2020 which affected children’s psychology as victims of natural disasters that are unpredictable, destructive and unpredictable as an exact science.

Known, Karo is the indigenous tribes who has harmony lived under the Sinabung eruption shadows and have the functions tradition to defend artifacts (ancestral graves) from the deadly and destructive eruption of Sinabung volcano hazards impact.

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