Visual-journalism Without Border

Understands the history about the conveying information as a message or story records has been starts since prehistoric painting initiated by ancient people, Hominin in 3.3 million years ago (counting backwards from 1950).

The photo work of the Sinabung volcano is printed on cotton as medium. From my collaboration with a screen printing artist, Sardi Asmet – Quas Sablon.

Sutanta Aditya Photography starts to make an collaboration with a screen printing artist, Sardi Asmet for Quas Sablon to carrying back that ancient spirit life back, by applying the visual information on printed into the modern human basic needs, clothes.

Hopefully, the visual journalism now not limited by space and most possible to minimize the paper usage. Placing it in a medium that most easily accessible to the every eyes in basically function.

Then make a real habit to shared the information to remembering a history by a dynamic moves to fulfill social values in journalism function as the basic right of individuals to obtain information.

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