Image Usage Guidelines

Image & Video Usage Guidelines

 The images and videos on this site are the result of largely self-funded work. Unfortunately, Sutanta Aditya Photography cannot provide these images & videos for free.

 Sutanta Aditya fortunately to works with many non-profit organizations, conservation initiatives, individuals, media, publications and businesses. All license fees go directly to funding and continuing all work’s. Sutanta Aditya Photography prides itself on its fast and friendly services, and will be happy to help users find the right images and videos for their needs.

Editorial Users

 If Users wish to license an image or video for editorial, non-profit, conservation, academic or student use (including articles in magazines, newspapers and websites; powerpoint presentations; exhibitions; use in papers or reports), submit complete as written forms and Sutanta Aditya Photography will contact the users. If the User is a non-profit, conservation initiative, or student, please provide details of the predicate.

Commercial Users

 If Users wish to license images or videos for commercial usage (including advertising, clothing or products for sale), please send an email to

 If Users wish to use images or videos to promote stories about the individual Sutanta Aditya, send an email to


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