One Decade Sinabung Volcano Eruption

 Indonesia has 129 active volcanoes with an estimated 5 million people currently active in the danger zone affected by active volcanic eruptions. Globally, data from the Center for Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation explains that as many as 800 million people currently live and carry out activities within 100 kilometers (62 miles) as a danger zone of 1,508 active volcanoes spread across 86 countries around the world today.

 It is known, currently the exactness of geological research is still under study and research is still collided with some of factors, one of which is the absence of up-to-date equipment that can suppress the quantity of victims affected by eruptions other than tools that can read vibrations and thermalized imaging. So that the current tendency is to categorize the deadly events of destructive volcanic eruptions as unexpected disasters, even though the nature of geological science is an exact thing. This factor opens the potential for the event to be a heartbreaking history for human life. One of them is the testimony of witnesses on the tragedy of the Sinabung volcano eruption in Karo Regency, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia which occurred on 01 February 2014 ago.

 The data shows that approximately 17 people died, two of whom were journalists, namely Thomas Sembiring Milala and Rizal Syahputra who tried to visualize the conditions of some of the affected villages at the foot of the Sinabung volcano. This was followed by the Sinabung eruption in 2016, where hot clouds swept away the settlements of Gamber Village and killed 9 people again, as a series of tragic tragedies from the long-term eruption of the Sinabung volcano. The data also explains that in 2010, the Sinabung eruption event killed 2 people as a result of heart attacks.

 Until now, the Sinabung volcano in alert status, after researchers stated research that Sinabung had been asleep for 400 years before opening up again in 2010. So that it opens the history of the Toba Super volcano eruption which has an impact on climate change on earth. Delving deeper into the testimony as a series of events from the prolonged Sinabung volcano eruption. Following the testimony of two residents who evacuated the victim’s using motorbikes, as well as four of the seven farmers who survived the deadly threat of the eruption of the Sinabung volcano in 2014.

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