Tsunami Hit Mentawai

Ten Years Apart A Family United by Tsunami

Basrizal and other family members are seen crossing a river in South Pagai Regency, Mentawai Islands in Indonesia’s West Sumatra Province during a search for their family following the 7.7-magnitude earthquake and tsunami that hit the island’s shoreline on October 25, 2010. Photographed on 31 October 2010.

Finally, Basrizal was able to find his brother, Masrizal as a survivor of the deadly tsunami disaster on an island paradise for surfers.

It is known that the family has been separated for the past ten years due to the divorce of their parents, so Basrizal and his younger brother left the Mentawai islands and settled in Pariaman, Padang. Meanwhile, his brother, Masrizal, lives in South Pagai.

A total of 286 people have died, while 252 have been declared missing and 200 have been injured.

After the Basrizal family moved to the city of Padang safely, I lost their contact number which was lost when it fell on the beach, during the search.

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