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The Printing Process

Your interest is a part of the Sutanta Aditya’s photograph value, so thank you participates in this sustainability profession. That’s probably also indirectly or directly includes to participates in the ‘Social act’ or ‘Humanity charitable’ along such the difficult situations at the moment.

 That’s variable photographs moment is those that include news material that has been published in several mass media or global publications, as well as in photojournalism awards, exhibitions, and unpublished collections.

 All photographs print will send accompanied by Sutanta Aditya signature includes with the authenticity of ONEYE online dark room. Even unframed, each photograph is printed on the best paper attributes as Canvas, Cotton, Glossy, Matt, Metallic, Pearlescent, and Satin which inked by the great digital printer.

Notes: If any other options of Your interest to order a special Sutanta Aditya’s work which has been established in the Sutanta Aditya official social network, please emailing us to get to know the detail by screenshot or link. (

The Shipping and Insurance

 The shipping process are divided into four continents countries around the globe as Europe, Oceania, Africa, and Asia following the average and fluctuations costs were on simple arranged starts from $35-55 or more as international shipments. For sure, these costs will be light when it is smart to order all prints for one delivery at once.

 It is explained that each order must be handled individually, when you pay for your order based on the price available through various techniques such as Cash or Online payment by bank account in Debit/Credit Card, PayPal, or perhaps by Cheque sheets.

 The ordering, printing, and delivery process will take from minimum times on three days until two weeks, or will need more than that schedule, if Sutanta Aditya during on other assignment times.

 All prints steps will be done directly by Sutanta Aditya, and we thank for this depth understood. Freight forwarding services in the process of shipping are sent via FedEx, and we will send you the information about the detail changes for shipments costs fluctuations includes the require insurance.

Notes: The calculation of the order fee does exclude VAT or is the responsibility of the buyer’s, please email us if you have any questions. The exception from the standardization of the system that we mentioned is a request that is informed in writing by the buyer or subject who ordered the work.

For more please Contacts Sutanta Aditya.


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