The License Essentials

 ‘The meaning of visual license essentials or copyright license is about the lights witness from the visual testimonies, or the soul of the visual arts characteristics. Therefore, all intellectual property of visual that’s photographs or videos of in this site are the right of Sutanta Aditya (photographer); and remain the sole holder as the exclusive right.’

 There is no assignment of copyright title, agreement to perform work for hire, or intention of joint copyright expressed or implied below. Images or videos may not be reproduced, copied, projected or used in any way without express written permission on the photographer’s invoice stating the rights granted and the terms and payment of said invoice.

The Contract Agreement

 The visual usages agreement shall explain the original personal data; or subject in the digital and print data form agreement which signed legally by the visual copyright holder as Sutanta Aditya and also the license subject users.

 The contract form shall mention the restrictions information of rights-managed licenses; such the limit of time, the visual license function, the originality visual or ‘object data’ information, and also the agreement standard distributions budget which clear. (For more read Sutanta Aditya Photography Contract Points Assignment Page).

The Restrictions images usage

 Under the Rights Managed licenses system, Sutanta Aditya contract agreement refers to the considerations rights managed of reproduction, based on public information, and moral rights such as attribution. Therefore, Sutanta Aditya defines several points restrictions of usage rights based from the visual function; such for

  • a.   Editorial; The license an image or video for an editorial or news media; including articles in magazines, newspapers, and websites.

Editorial Network


NurPhoto News Agency Abaca Press Agency Xinhua News Agency

The specifics profession of Sutanta Aditya registered in I​​ndonesian Photojournalist Organization.

  • b.   Initiative; The license an image or video for an Initiative; including non-profit, conservation initiative, or a student, academic. Sutanta Aditya are fortunate to work with many non-profits, and also for a supported Sutanta Aditya long-term reporting program story for a book project, or all about Sutanta Aditya.
  • c. The Art’s; The license an image or video for an The Art’s action; such a collaboration act or commercial use (including advertisements, clothing, or products for sale).

Services Contract Form

 All licensing fees go directly into funding and continuing the Sutanta Aditya official website. Sutanta Aditya pride ourselves on fast and friendly service, and would be happy to help You find the right images and videos for Your needs. Please read and fill out the Contract Form, then sending back to Sutanta Aditya Contact page information and we’ll get in touch.

The Legal Access

 Except as provided above, any dispute regarding this agreement, at the photographer’s discretion, will become the applicable law. Decisions are filed in any court having jurisdiction. Any dispute may be brought without arbitration in any court having its jurisdiction.

 User’s hereby expressly consent to the jurisdiction of the courts with respect to claims by Photographer under the Copyright Act, as amended, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), the Digital Rights Management (DRM), the Various tools or technological protection measures (TPM), European Union’s Information Society Directive and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Copyright Infringement

 You shall pay all arbitration and court costs, photographer’s reasonable legal fees, and expenses, and legal interest on any award or judgment in the event of any award or judgment in favor of photographer; or adjudicated in Indonesia law.

 You shall pay all court costs, photographer’s reasonable legal fees, and expenses and legal interest on any award or judgment in the event of any award of judgment in favor of the photographer; or adjudicated in prosecuted under the applicable law.

Financial Account

The Sutanta Aditya’s Art-work License Distribution Legal Standard
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ATTENTION: The license syndication agreement recorded and received and distributed through the official contact and address information were listed inside the Sutanta Aditya official website page as the domain.