One Decade Eruption


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Sutanta Aditya take several frames of this moment, and his thinking to distributed out back one of that to be available get in prints. This is his effort to get a sponsorship to release a book about volcano.


The pyroclastic flows giant hot clouds seen during the prolonged Sinabung volcano eruption in Karo, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia.

Written by Sutanta Aditya

This testimony was born with a mature concept to observe the natural character of a volcanic eruption. Without ignoring that the concept is the same effort to be able to avoid the danger of death from natural tragedy.

I’m, Sutanta Aditya, have to admit if ‘God’ has created superpowers that are imitated by humans in a wrong function, as Boom in ‘War’ and heart. Because, based on my last observation, this location is now being re-grown as a new fertile habitat.

‘Like the promise of a volcano that gives a new wave of life, and the certainty is life without inheriting the value of revenge.’

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Author: Sutanta Aditya

Sutanta Aditya is a documentary and editorial photographer were focus for the geological disasters, environmental and social issues. Based in Indonesia.

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