The Samalas History


The Rinjani volcano complex landscape seen from North Lombok district, West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. Based on geological history, Rinjani is about the Samalas volcano eruptions process in 1257 as the Volcanic Explosivity Index 7 or one of the biggest eruptions in Holocene era which pushed the global climate changes and regional social disaster consequences. In aftermath eruptions and also followed by 1994 and 1995 eruptions, inside the Samalas volcano body were the activities entered the rebuilding stages by formed the couple lava axis’s, that’s are Rombongan and Barujari within the Segara Anak Lake inside the Rinjani complex volcano as the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Known, the Sasak tribe indigenous people consider about the Segara Anak and Barujari are the sacred place, in-lines with UNESCO has made Rinjani volcano as part of the Global Geopark sites since April 2018.

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Author: Sutanta Aditya

Sutanta Aditya is a documentary and editorial photographer were focus for the geological disasters, environmental and social issues. Based in Indonesia.

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