The standard of a minimum price, in this case the question is fluctuated or is not fixed. Recalling that the photography of the terms and conditions included in the budget reimburse defined and agreed upon in advance. Referring to the records of the various legal cases that make this building a circle of communication or negotiated.


 In determining the method of payment, classed as ‘Right Manages’ and Royalty’ also as ‘Syndication’ for the use of photography services of Sutanta Aditya.

– as Right Manage

 As a short-term contract in this case method ‘Right Manage’ falls in dialouge standart ranges as day rate in one set or topics aslo the features. It does not include travel or accommodation expenses of other special attachments customise unexpected conditions.

– as Royalty

 As for the necessary long-term process based contracts ‘royalty’, where this contract through flexible dialogue that explains in detail the results. Transparently both sides continue mixing amount sold within one year, after which a license can be renegotiated. Or the right of use of the function of the image is returned to the owner of the copyright.

 Royalty around by fall in percentage revenue in 40:60 to copyright holder. By distributing the minimum rate at the beginning of time as a photographer on assignment to support the agreed client’s as the first stage. Where then headed to the stage of completion of the work. Remain to be negotiated in advance between the two sides. The special skills and knowledge is the value of exclusivity.

– as Syndication

 Photographers have the right to defend the rights of payment for work syndication. It also explains the definition of rights to payment of repetition in the use rights to the photos to be used again the next. From a number of budgets imposed in the assignment photographers to dig deeper into the task, and as a continuation of the process of delivery of the initial stage is filled from the negotiations. Of course, should be discussed and established between the photographer and the drawing board before the job is done.

 This is to cover all overhead costs and capital investment before enough produce in week three or four days to pay salaries high enough to cover vacation, sick time, and retirement.

 Please downloaded and sending back the contract form of agreement as an assignment to Sutanta Aditya :

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