The I-Gen Era

 My testimony for the future regarding the development of human access and concern for data, access to health and the environmental researched, in life under the threat of death due to reactions from the corona-virus of 2019.  The virus that ushered in a pandemic in the new socialite of life.

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The Intangible Heritage Connectivity

– Adaptation Between the Unexpected Natural Disasters Shadows –  Karo tribesmen are seen busy removing bones from a family funeral yard to be moved. On the other hand, their eyes are very alert to the volcanic activity of Sinabung volcano. In that morning as many as 7 out of 10

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The Red Dragon Legend

 Approximately 800 million people living and activities within 1,508 active volcanoes hazards zone which spread across 86 countries in ‘ring of fire’ around the worlds. One of them is Sinabung were starts the prolonged eruption since August 2010 after dormant 400 years ago. Sinabung volcano eruption history noted, as 28

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People With Leprosy Daily-life

 Hearing the word leprosy is like a scourge in the ears of some people. Even though like other humans, people with leprosy also need proper attention and treatment. Leprosy, or that we are more familiar with the title of Leprosy / Hansen, is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium

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Flash-flood Disaster Due Deforestation

 A flash flood disaster tragedy had hit six villages in the Muara Batang Gadis sub-district, Mandailing Natal district, North Sumatra province, Indonesia on September 15, 2009 at around 02.00 WIB which resulted in 15 people being reported dead while 25 others were missing. The personnel of the National Search and

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