XII Days In Wildlife Heaven – Borneo


Breathing deeply then heaved oxygen slowly, among the breeze that slapped the face slowly and smoothly. Instantly I tried to touch the warm ground, then looked at the blue sky. Opening the tradition of migration which is now better known as one

Shoot For Sustainability By National Geographic Asia And Temasekseen


Leo, an orphaned baby Sumatran orang utan, clings to a veterinarian from the Sumatran Orang Utan Conservation Programme (SOCP) at a Reintroduction Centre in the Jantho Pine Forest Nature Reserve in Aceh. Due to increasing habitat loss and fragmentation, orang utan populations

Orang-utan Inside International Photography Magazine

Photography Grant

  By Sutanta Aditya supported by¬†internationalphotomag.com Based on data from the proliferation of conflicts between protected wildlife, especially wild elephants and the Sumatran Orangutan with humans continue to occur. Based on data from WWF-Indonesia study shows that the population of Sumatran elephants